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Message From The Chairman

Dear Shareholders, The process of the division of the Arab company for Ginning Cotton to The Arab Company for Asset Management and Development and offering the shares in the Egyptian stock market is considered an essential step for the company to utilize the land bank owned by the company and increase the return on assets owned by the company to realize the maximum benefits to shareholders. We wish all the success to both companies through the wise management and the continuous support of the company’s shareholders.

Mr. Mohamed Ali Hussein
Chairman of the Board Directors

Message from the Managing Director

Dear Shareholders, The objective of the incorporation of the Arab Company for Asset Management & Development is the utilization of land bank owned by the company and realizing the maximum returns from the different uses of the assets under management whether through selling plots of land or partnering with potential real estate developers. The company is currently in the phase of preparing a business plan for the coming five years taking into consideration all the changes in the real estate market that are expected to take place.

Eng. Wafik Mourad
Managing Director


Integrity Our Shareholders interests and benefits are first in our priority, their goals our goals.
Accountability We are accountable to our Shareholders in securing their assets under management and make the best use.
Transparency We strive to exceed our Shareholders expectations and to share our strategic outlines and plans in order to gain their confidence.


Creating wealth to investors while emphasizing governance and transparency in our dealings.


To be the country’s most trusted asset management and development company in creating good return to our investors.

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